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Fuzz Out With The Apple Glass Cyndrome

A brilliant little psych number from New Mexico obscuro’s The Apple Glass Cyndrome, they don’t appear to have released anything more than a couple of singles in the late 60’s. Blissed out classic summer of love sound, although the vocal’s are a tad underwhelming – by God doesn’t that fuzz guitar sure make up for it!


The Source Family Documentary

Interesting documentary about The Source Family. A utopian spiritual occult community with some good intentions and ideas, (and even better music!) but ultimately like a lot of cults it did lead to some strange and unsettling practices.



Giöbia – Introducing Night Sounds

Here’s an outstanding slab of Haunted Garage Psych from Italian psychonauts Giöbia. The Title track from the album is a cosmic conglomeration of all things psych- sitars, Kosmiche synth textures, raw garage drive, and a demented vocal chant that is strangely reminiscent of some of Daevid Allen’s work with Gong. In summery, it’s mighty good.



Check out there bandcamp here http://giobiagiobia.bandcamp.com/


Greetings all, I know it’s been an eon since I last posted anything on this but I’m gonna make up for that with a little treat for you all. I’m in the process of compiling a 5 disc compilation chronicling the history of psychedelic music from 1965 – 2012. I’m having some trouble with the 80’s though so I’d greatly appreciate any tips of good 80’s psych bands from all you psychsters out there.

Just leave a comment in the comments section if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

Be well.

Abstract Sound – I’m Trying (1968)

Some great garage here form Abstract Sound, full of choppy guitar, teen angst and wailing organs. It has that classic early R&B Garage sound similar to the likes of Things To Come, and Them, and although it’s nothing original – sometimes that tried old formula works just perfectly.


Axe – Child Dreams (1969)

Some brilliant late 60’s hard psych here. It’s got everything really, drones, dark eastern riffs, chanting, tabla’s. Mind melting.

Prince Rama (New Age Psychedelicists)

I’ve been really digging this band lately, they describe themselves as “new age psychedelic” and I guess that’s a fairly accurate description. I’ve no idea how I came across these to be honest I’ve never heard or read anything about them before, it was another one of those late night long “related video’s” fluke discoveries. They are a 3 piece band based in Brooklyn formed by 2 sisters and a friend who where raised on a Hare Krishna commune in Florida. Their upbringing certainly explains their predisposition for chanting and Indian flavoured melodies, and spiritual air. They even partook in workshops researching the use of music as a religious ceremony. They play a modern semi-electronic psychedelia, I suppose slightly in the vein of Animal Collective (Whose Paw Tracks label they are signed to), but they are by no means just another Animal Collective rip-off. Prince Rama’s music is truly original, it manages to sound spiritual, spooky, lysergic, and at times even operatic, while at the same time containing the perfect amount of Pop sensibility to make it catchy. It has a truly cultish feel to it, and I mean that in a good way. I say it sounds modern but that’s not strictly true, it possesses a weird timeless quality and although it does sound fresh and new at the same time it could be from anytime between 1970 to present. They’ve released 4 albums since 2007 apparently, but judging by their view count on youtube and the fact that I’d never heard of them up until now they can’t have been getting near the recognition they deserve. I haven’t listened to all the albums yet but 2009’s ‘Zetland’ contains a couple of my favourites I’ve heard from them so far.

Listen with your third ear.